Our unique integrated platform, Keystone, lets you indulge your customers and employees with better rewards, instant gratification and more freedom to redeem when, where and how they choose.

Access to Millions of Products

We provide access to millions of products (including over 5 million eCommerce products) with multiple delivery options, hundreds of gift card brands (over 700), customizable travel solutions and amazing experiences.


Redemption is the key to member engagement and retention.

Non-redeemers are 2.3 times more likely to defect than those who redeemed in the past 12 months.

Points Pal

Points Pal is the first voice activated experience for rewards programs that is compatible with multiple Virtual Assistants. Reward members from your loyalty or employee incentive program can give commands to Alexa, Siri, Google Home, Cortana and many other voice recognition platforms. The user simply speaks to the virtual assistance device and requests any action that they previously could do on their desktop or mobile applications within their loyalty program.


Our relationships with leading brands, wholesalers and retailers give you access to almost anything your customers or employees desire. We offer millions of products and the flexibility for users to reward themselves however they want – in-store, in-app, online or with in-store pick-up. From multi-channel retailers like Walmart and Best Buy, to eCommerce retailers, our platform enriches the quality of your program. Our unique Apple shopping experience helps drive engagement and loyalty for our program offerings.


Like other parts of the loyalty space, we are innovating loyalty travel. Our travel offerings have expanded into a new full-service travel division, Aspire Loyalty Travel Solutions. From planning, to travel, to reminiscing about the trip, our platform enhances your consumer’s entire experience along multiple touch points,
deepening their connection and engagement with your brand.

Some Key Features

Greater personalized content

Engagement throughout the travel lifecycle

Omni-channel experience

Full-service travel call center

Gift Cards

Bridge2 Solutions has multiple partners to ensure the largest selection of industry-leading gift and e-gift cards.

Over 500 different brands across all major categories

Strategic partnerships offering fast delivery and best pricing

Optional integration to other providers, if desired

Event Tickets

Providing unique, memorable experiences is increasingly important in any loyalty program. With Bridge2, you can offer amazing experiences and deliver them in a simple, streamlined process. Our partnership with the largest online ticketing companies adds the world’s best concerts and entertainment events to your repertoire.

Let us help you reach your goals with an innovative loyalty platform that enables you to unlock alternative currencies with limitless opportunities.